Semantic Hub leverages multilingual natural language understanding to help medical experts, pharmaceutical companies, and patients meet each other for improving patient journey
We provide the "reality check" on patient experience based on millions of patient stories. We are Disruptive. Compliant. AI-based, but Human-centric
Many people suffer from the symptoms of an unknown disease. Most of them are unaware of their rare diagnosis or misdiagnosed
Jack from Toronto
Julie from Marseille
Wang Ming from Beijing
At 32, Jack faced serious vision problems on which three years of diagnostics proved inconclusive.
He has been consulting forums
Julie is a three-year-old girl who is getting worse every month. Her mother is trying her best to find the right care for her by starting a blog on which she describes Julie's symptoms in detail
She has struggled with malaise for six years after having several unconfirmed diagnoses and dozens
of clinical tests. Desperate, she posts her story to all the leading health-related QA portals in China, hoping to find similar patients
on average to correctly diagnose one of these rare diseases
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Millions of patients are
distributed around the world
people worldwide suffer from rare diseases
of patients receive an incorrect diagnosis. Most of physicians will never meet a rare patient in their life — and if they do meet one, they probably won't recognize a disease
This is 3 times more than the population of Japan,
5 times more than France, and 10 times more than Canada
The paradox of such diseases is that they are both rare and global
Annually, pharmaсeutical companies lose billions of USD with underdiagnosed and lost patients
R&D in the domain of rare diseases is a hot trend
in biopharmaceutical industry now. Making innovative drugs requires cutting edge science and significant investments
Both drug manufacturers and patient communities
have high expectations before a launch of a new
drug – globally and on the local markets
However, the lack of knowledge on real patient experience, as well as large number of undiagnosed and misdiagnosed patients,
often put a new drug launch and promotion at risk
Semantic Hub helps pharmaceutical companies and patient organizations deeper understand rare patients' journey – and improve it by "matchmaking" patients, each one as exceptional as a diamond, with the medical experts
We use unique multilingual natural language understanding technology to "read" millions of patient stories on the Internet, to find patients with rare diseases and to help them
It takes
At least
…And patients lose even more — they don't receive therapy and die
30+ languages (any language by request)
Understanding patient experience
Improving patient journey
We carry out full-scale screening of the Internet and find patient stories in forums, social networks, health-related QA portals

We find patients who are already diagnosed or potentially having a disease

We draw insights directly from real experts in a condition, to build the landscape of their journey through the local healthcare systems. It's a basis for developing a successful launch strategy
We provide early detection of underdiagnosed patients based on the details of their case history, such as symptom patterns, previous unconfirmed diagnoses, and so on. Patients whose stories potentially indicate the disease of interest are navigated towards diagnosis
Unique technology of deep natural language understanding is developed by multinational Semantic Hub team
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